︎︎︎ Votes For Women sign for @stanceymackenzie

 ︎︎︎Roman Lettering exercise using David Kynaston's11pt method which can be found in his signature Roman & Copperplate brush set.

︎Egyptian Lettering exercise from Colt Bowden's book 'How To Paint Signs & Influence People, Vol.1 Egyptian Lettering.'

︎Sans Serif lettering exercise using the OHV method found in Signwork, by Bill Steward.

︎︎︎Final panel made at Joby Carter's 5 day intensive sign writing course.

︎︎︎Panel made at Joby Carter's Signwriting Fest

Lettering Excerises

Practical lettering exercises from books and workshops by Colt Bowden, Bill StewartDavid Kynaston, Joby Carter and E.Sanderson.

Personal project
Date: 2017/2019

© Jon May 2021

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