Dave Smith’s 4 Day Workshop

David Smith is a traditional ornamental glass artist, singwritand master craftsman. Alongside his highly sought-after professionl apractice he runs intensive workshops from his Torquay studio where he shares his incredible knowledge, hilarious sense of humour and fantastic hospitality.

Working into the small hours over three and a half days we each made two glass signs from Dave's original artwork. The course covered a range of traditional techniques including: signwriting, screen printing, brilliant cutting, glass scalloping gold leaf water gilding, surface gilding, oil gilding, acid etching, abalone inlays, sand blasting, glue chipping, colour combinations, brush blending and stippling.

Dave's boundless energy and enthusiasm for his crafcombined with his incredible studio create the perfect environmen to learn traditional Victorian glass decoration techniques from a true master of the craft.

For more info on the workshop
check out Dave's website.

Date: Jan 2018

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